Writing passion

Writing passion
On the bright tail of the lake
Contribution from the bright rays
I put part of the writing passion
holding my loves finger
Hiding from the world’s eyes
I hav to go flying across the sky
with stars filled in my hands
flowing in your love ocean
wanna go deep down high
When you step down gently
in deep water of the lake
go quietly tocuhing your lips
These spry waves falling shy



if i was earth,

i would have taken care

to clean every bit of mine
have planted myself with
grass and tree every where
i wanted to be touched
with cool brize of air
with the soothing smell of
wet soil with long tress
and bushes
but alas!!!
i am not earth…..
but still i take pledge
that i will save the planet

Love is the best as well as the worst

Love is the best as well as the worst

“Love is the best as well as the worst experience. It neither lets you live peacefully nor does it let you die peacefully.”





“Love is the one thing that still stands when all else has fallen.’

” Love is being with someone”

” Love is being with someone”

Love is being with someone and
knowing that you could die tomorrow
and it would be OK.”

“loving is”

“loving is”

” loving is not just looking ”
“at each other”
“it is looking in the ”
“same direction”

“in Love”



“In Love”

“Within you I lose myself.
Without you I find myself ,
wanting to become lost again.”